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Private Fiduciary Services

Successful fiduciary management requires a deep understanding of the larger financial, fiduciary and professional context in which the client’s affairs are being conducted. It also requires close coordination and cooperation among all the professionals to ensure that the client’s best interests are served. Our deep familiarity with our clients’ financial affairs uniquely positions us to take the initiative in identifying, communicating, coordinating and collaborating with other trusted advisors.

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Private Fiduciary Services
  • Private trustee
  • Successor trustee
  • “Neutral” trustee
  • Conservator of the Estate
  • Executor or Administrator of the Estate
  • “Second opinions”
  • Forensic reviews
  • Litigation support


Private Trust Management Group will accept a variety of assets including real property, both commercial and residential.



Private Trust Management Group has no fixed upper or lower limit on the size of account it will accept. Prospective estates and accounts are reviewed individually. We carefully consider the type and mix of assets to be managed as well as the unique circumstances of the client or trust. Because we are a private company, our firm can efficiently and economically manage trusts, portfolios and asset mixes that institutional trustees are either unable or unwilling to accept.



Private Trust Management Group offers a flexible array of services and fee arrangements. In some cases we may serve only trustee or investment manager, while in others, we may act in both capacities. Our fees will vary accordingly, taking into account the nature, size and complexity of the estate.

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